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Main Job details

Turn this on If you are a Canadian employer and eligible to sponsor an Open Work Permit job under the US H1B or any other program.
Job requirements will only be shared between the recruiters/employers registered within the system to submit their hotlists. Job requirements do not have any work authorization constraints. The pricing will be different for job requirements. You can promote later at any time to any job classification category.
Leave this blank if multiple locations
H-1B or H-1B1 Chile/Singapore Work Authorization is required to post the job. You may also select any other preferred Work Authorization types.
Note: Please keep in mind that only candidates with these Work Authorizations are eligible to apply for this position. This feature will limit the number of unintended job applications.
Staffing agencies or recruiting organizations will frequently apply on behalf of candidates in the form of bench sales for Corp-to-Corp(C2C) associations, referred to as third-party applications.
Allow candidates to apply to this job in express way.
You can enter or copy and paste any skill collections separated by commas (,). For example, J2EE, Java, Microservices, and SQL.
The job that you are posting is the actual single job that the candidate should really benefit from applying for. It is not allowed any of the advertisements, generic marketing contents just to get the lead, the generic job description of combining multiple job titles into one or sort of it. If you want to post any sort of advertisements other than the actual job posting, please use our "Business Ad." instead.
Max selections: 10. Ex: 401(k) matching | Paid time off | Medical Insurance | Travel allowances | Bonus | Equity and etc.,

Additional Details

This header image will override the Cover Image uploaded in the profile section(only for this job post). The image size should be at least 1280x720px.

Job Sponsorship Information

Check the box if this position can be filled without counting on the annual H-1B lottery limit, which can be filled at any time of year.
If this position offers employment-based green card sponsorship, such as EB1, EB2, or EB3, choose Yes.
New H-1B sponsorship, If you choose 'Yes,' you will not receive any applications unless you pick the following geographical choices.
U.S only - Only candidates seeking new H-1B sponsorship from the United States are eligible to apply for this position.
Overseas - Candidates from countries other than the United States seeking new H-1B sponsorship are eligible to apply for this position.
Do not receive - This choice will change the job to indicate that you are "Not Accepting Now." When you reach your quote for the new H-1B sponsorship, you should be able to switch to this option. As a result of shifting to this option, none of the new H-1B Sponsorship applicants will be able to apply for this position.

Client Information

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