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Of course, why not?

There is no limit. You can do that without even losing your current job or impacting your current situation. H1BTalents provides you a great way to filter the Job opportunities with multiple filters such as full-time, contract C2C, contract C2H, etc.

You can continue reading all the FAQs to get a full understanding.

This is not always the case. There are tons of employers ready to sponsor the green card for potential candidates. H1BTalents is also providing a way to search for jobs with green card sponsorships. With all these opportunities, there is no reason to return to your home country.

Yes, this type of transfer is allowed. H1BTalents provides you an efficient way of filtering the job opportunities with the various filters such as contract, full-time, etc.

An H1-B transfer is not always the case. There are plenty of Corporate-to-Corporate (C2C) contract jobs available for you to find out. If you find any position in the Corp-To-Corp contract category, then you don’t need to transfer your H-1B visa at all. You can work with your current employer but be assigned to a new client by just filling out the amendment. Your current employer or attorney can provide you the information about the amendment and its necessity based on a few criteria.

Corp-To-Corp is generally known as changing only the end-client but keeping the same employer.

There are hundreds and thousands of contract Corp-To-Corp jobs getting filled by H-1B candidates every day without any hassles.

No, not at all. It’s the process of transferring from one employer to another employer. It’s just like filing your H-1B extension with the same employer, except with your new employer information changed on the form. Approximately 250,000 H-1B Transfers are happening every year.

Switching the H-1B employers is a confidential process. Your current employer is not going to be notified by the new employer as long as you notify them.

Moreover, 99% of new employers do not need you to start immediately after your Receipt Notice (the notice you receive after you applied with your petition to USCIS. This application does not guarantee your petition for approval or denial). They can wait until the final USCIS decision on your petition is either approved or denied. Once you are approved, you can very well associate with the new employer. In case of your denial, you can continue working with your current employer without any impact on any of your current employment.

Approximately 200,000 candidates are changing their employers every year without any impact on the current job.

No. Not at all. You should not pay for the H-1B, and it is against the law. All the new employers will bear the cost for you without costing a single penny from your side.

Usually, it takes three to nine months, depending on the number of applications pending with USCIS. However, you can apply for the premium processing, in which case the decision will be emailed to the employer in about two weeks.

But regarding the payment from your side for premium processing, it will vary. Some employers will ask you to pay, while other employers can give you additional sign-on benefits such as paying the premium cost. You can always negotiate with your new employers about the possibility.

Yes, it is always possible, as long as your Employer A and Client A don’t have any agreements between them to the contrary.

Why not? IT is always an upgrade of skills. If you have strong core knowledge in your niche, then there is nothing to worry about. The candidate who was working on the C or C++ language years back can easily become an expert in working in blockchain and bitcoins.

So, we recommend that you upgrade your niche skills and find the right opportunities.

Check out the
Courses/Training offered by many providers to upgrade your skills.

Unlike other job sites, H1BTalents is the first job site to provide the “Featured resume” capability to list your resume as a priority.

A “Featured” resume posting will give you high visibility on your resume with an eye-catching representation. More importantly, rather than the classic resume posting, it will appear at the top of the search results. As a result, you may receive five times as many views from recruiters, which will expedite your job search. The featured resumes will provide you with feedback from the companies that reviewed your resume, and unlike classic resume posting, it enables unlimited instant messages to the recruiters directly.

In all cases, the very first thing is that you should create your resume and apply for the job. As much as 90% of the US workforce is looking for the H-1B Candidates as the first preference to fill their highly skilled talent gap.

Suppose the employer finds you are the right fit by looking at your resume or the application that you have submitted. In that case, they will talk to you about other processes depending on the nature of the sponsoring position.

If there are no jobs, it does not mean that you don’t have any H-1B positions available. The position may not be available at this time or not advertised at this time.

However, the employers will have complete control of the resume pool to look for the right candidates. So creating and uploading your resume will always give you the chance to get your resume picked up by employers.

No, you do not. You pay only for the following scenario without any assured services from H1BTalents.com. We are only connecting the dots as a premium service.

You pay to input your Featured resume in our H1BTalents database to be viewed by potential employers. H1BTalents never give you any assurance that your resume will be viewed or that you will be provided a job offer of any sort. It’s all about your skillset and the employer’s requirements.

H1BTalents is not the H1-B sponsoring company. It’s the high-end platform to connect the H-1B sponsors and candidates directly. The FAQs given above are for knowledge purposes only. Although it has been vetted by an attorney candidates are requested to keep themselves updated all the time about all H-1B-related information, eligibility, processes, and policies due to the frequent changes implemented by the government and to make the decisions based on their own due diligence. However, H1BTalents is trying to keep up to date and provide accurate information as much as possible.