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“No Profit share, No dollar profit, just simple as that. Post a job and pay as you go”

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H1BTalents Platform


the traffic of our closest competitor

What Our
Platform Provides

Pay as you go.

Simple pricing model. Post an H-1B job and pay as you go. Pick up the resume from our resume database and pay as you go.

High-Skilled premium resume database

Get all your highly potential candidates in one place, such as H-1Bs, USCs, GCs, EADS, TNs, Js, Ls and OPTs. Our premium resume feature ensures that the candidates are highly available to accept the opportunities and the resumes are up to date. This will save you 4x the amount of time you would have spent filling out your talent needs.

the speed of closing your talent gap
High-Skilled premium resume database
AI filtered Candidates

AI filtered Candidates

Our SmartcruiterTM AI engine intelligently filters candidates based on their work authorization in comparison to the job’s work authorization or sponsorship requirements, geographical locations, and other factors. Unlike other websites, we do not accept mass applications or duplicates.

You will therefore receive the candidates who won the puzzle for your direct selections or submissions. We respect your time, and we try to do all the industry-best standard filtering practices on your behalf and get you the potential ones.

So you will be able to find your ideal candidates in eight times less time as a result.

faster on filtering candidates

Marketplace – With just one click, share your Job Requirements and sell your Hotlists.

Whether you run a corporate organization or a staffing firm, our comprehensives give you all you need in one spot. Your outdated bulk mail service is going away. Choose it whenever you want to and fill the talent gap by receiving the leads directly in your inbox.

Yes, you have free access to kind of a vendor and sub-vendor capabilities through our platform for sharing high-skilled job requirements and hotlists (H-1Bs, USCs, CGs, EADs, TNs, OPTs and etc.). Reach out to the thousands of vetted companies who have registered with us using our pay-as-you-go modal with a low cost and wide reach.

Promote with your branding with our unique feature as “Featured Hotlists” and “Featured Job Requirements” instantly and get the live leads and notifications 5x faster than the classic postings. Our recruiter-friendly Smartcruiter (TM) AI engine will provide you the best experience bringing you with your job requirements and resumes with the highly matching ranking algorithms.

Marketplace – With just one click, share your Job Requirements and sell your Hotlists
Hire Visa candidates with a single click

Hire Visa candidates with a single click

Other than the direct candidate resumes, plenty of Corporate-to-Corporate (C2C) premium resumes are published in our resume database from many consulting companies. You can pick those resumes by choice and doing so, you can establish communication with just a single click and the company’s assigned bench sales managers will be on your call to help you in hiring the candidates instantly. This will save plenty of time in the process of hiring the ideal bench candidates. Yes! Literally a single click, like never seen before.

Moreover, our premium resume feature allows companies to bring the most qualified C2C candidates on a bet who can fill your talent gap very quickly. Therefore, your job is done in an hour, not months.

Company Careers Page

Get a dedicated FREE† company careers page with all your jobs listed to promote your branding and
grab higher traffic .

Unlimited Users

Create users with varying duties, such as admin, recruiter, and bench sales recruiter, to ensure a
smooth recruitment process. Each account comes with a
total of 5 free† users.

Our Packages

More exposure brings more business. We have a competitive, jaw-dropping pricing model that will make you smile on the go.


  • The ultimate, most visible job view in the
    job search results over any other job listings.
  • Placement in top positions
    Your job is at the top of the job search results over the free or classic postings.
  • The most eye-catching presentation
    The most highlighted job listing is in such a way to provoke the candidates to click on it.
  • Google Jobs Promotion
    Our Smartcruiter TM AI engine intelligently identifies enterprise job postings and automatically publishes the job postings to Google jobs, ensuring a guaranteed double boost.


Job Spotlight on the Homepage

  • Prominent display on the home page
  • Your job will be showcased randomly on the home page’s Job Spotlight section in a very prominent view.
  • In addition to that, you will have all the benefits of the enterprise package.
  • The most eye-catching presentation


Trending Employers

  • The ultimate home page showcase
  • Your company logo and company name will be showcased randomly on the home page in the Trending Employers section, showing the number of active jobs. The navigation will take the job seekers to your dedicated
    company page to list all your jobs. Therefore, it brings you the dual benefits of showcasing all your active jobs too.


Free† Job Posting (Credit card is not required)

  • Post your jobs for free.
  • No top placements
  • Your job will be given the least priority and pushed over
    to the second priority down in the job search results.
  • Highlights
    Your job will be listed in the job search results with the classic view and no highlights.
  • No Google promotion.
    The free job postings will not be listed in Google jobs and you will have less traffic compared to the premium postings.


If you are a non-profit or government organization, use the following coupon code at checkout to avail up to a 30% discount on all our products.

  • If the coupon code is not provided above or not applied at the checkout, then the discount may not be available at this time.
  • Terms & Conditions apply.

  • *Terms & Conditions apply.
  • *†Free services may not be available all the time.
  • *The costs if specified are for one month’s validity for singe posting.