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Company FAQ

The following features:

  • STEM-specific for all the job openings you can fill
  • Targeted traffic to instantly reach out to the highly skilled candidates
  • Industry-first premium resume options save a lot of your time.
  • Use highly filtered mechanisms for the job applications, which will save you a lot of time.
  • An AI-filtered resume database engine gets you the right resumes in no time.
  • Staffing companies will have job requirements and hotlist posting marketplace features with premium option
  • All our packages are pay-as-you-go.. No annual subscriptions

    and etc.

Yes, absolutely. H1BTalents is designed to have a vast volume of resume databases from all highly skilled
resumes. You can find US Citizens, GCs, H-1Bs, H1B1 Singapore/Chili, H4 EADs, TN Visa Holders, L Visas, J
Visas, F1(OPT/CPT), etc.

H1BTalents is the first first comprehensive job siteTM to launch a Marketplace, which includes a requirement-sharing platform for vetted vendors and sub-vendors or staffing firms, a straightforward flow, and a pay-as-you-go pricing modal. There is no yearly subscription; no bulk email spamming; and no complicated process. Simply post your job requirement and hotlist with a single click, create the user with the specific previlages, assign the recruiter on your hotlists, submit from the recruiter’s portal and receive the leads directly in the recruiter’s inbox. All with your company branding, which includes your company logo. Our instant notification and messenger systems enable you to establish communication directly and instantly. No need for followup on your hotlist; get an instant status update on your submissions.

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H1BTalents deliberately avoids that feature, knowing that it will annoy the candidate to go to multiple places to sign up and create the resume, if necessary. This will consume a lot of time for the candidates. Also, employers will lose the premium resume capabilities; therefore, the option is “No”. But you have the alternative option provided below.

Yes. H1BTalents.com gives you the free export option in Excel, csv, etc., which you can import into your ATS. Apparently, all of the industry’s well-known ATS support these formats. H1BTalents.com is working on the features to integrate with many ATS in a quick time.

Yes. The current release of H1BTalents is the “lite” release, which is integrated with the Google Jobs Platform for now. However, the H1BTalents team is hard at work on a slew of new features and integrations with popular ATS and staffing tools. Subsequently, we will release one after another. We want to provide a single tool for all of your needs and ensure quick talent acquisition.

Sign up for free and get your business listed. The business can be listed under the categories of
Immigration Attorneys, Courses, Trainings, Universities, etc. Every listing should contain the precise
information that you target.

The following items are not allowed to be listed.

  •  Any visa scam-related posts
  • Drugs, sex, alcohol, smoke-related
  • Or anything illegal

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Absolutely never!

H1BTalents make sure all information fed by the employer into the job post should be authentic to the
candidates. Business promotions, general H-1B transfer advertisements, marketing banners, etc., are
strictly prohibited in the job post. The job post should be an actual job from either you or your network
affiliates that the candidates benefit from by applying.

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