Canada H1B – The Canada Open Work Permit for US H1B results are coming out.

Have you applied for the Canada Open Work Permit for the H1B Program?

Canada’s Open Work Permit for the US H1B Program is a new program that allows H1B visa holders in the United States to apply for an open work permit in Canada.

The program was open to H1B visa holders who are currently in valid status in the United States. They must also have strong ties to the United States, such as a home, a job, or family members.The application process opened on July 16, 2023. The application window was closed within about 48 hours due to the fast filing of the applications.

Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada started reviewing the applications these days, and most of them got the biometric appointment letter. The applications that started giving biometrics have been getting results since last week.
We know you might be curious to know if the results are positive. However, we are getting responses from our candidates that show mixed results.

What are the types of results?

Many of them are getting the happy response that they have been approved for the open work permit. Congratulations to those who got approval. A few of them received it and called to submit the documents required. Whoever is in this queue, please submit your requested documents without any delay.

Another few heard that Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada is working on background screening that may include criminal history, employment verification, educational background checks, and other applicable background verification. If you are one of those, you might be wondering approximately how long it will take. As per Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada, this may take 2 to 24 months. Though Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada claim a maximum of 24 months, in most cases it may not take that much time until there are issues in the background screening. There is no clear explanation provided for why it is taking that long for some of them.  However, we hope the fingers cross.

There are two good news stories:

1. As we already depicted in one of the videos, valid H1B visa stamping is not required in order to get approval, though it was asked for as one of the requirements. Many of our candidates submitted the application without this and got approval now, and they are asked to submit the passport.  Sorry for all who missed applying, thinking that this was one of the documents required. Don’t give up.  Wait for another opportunity.

2. If you have already gotten a visa for Canada, then your approval may be faster than that of the other applicants.

What is Next?

Those who got approval would have been asked to submit their passports. Please submit your passport without delay. As per Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada, you must submit your passport within 30 days, or you may have the chance of having the visa denied.

We would advise using the VFS packaging service, as VFS is not responsible if your passport is lost when sent through any other courier service or if a delay occurs. However, it’s up to your choice.

Thank you. We will keep you posted about the upcoming updates.

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